Pick up/Drop off

Pickup and Delivery

We currently offer free pick up and delivery of your area carpets as a feature of our cleaning service.

Clean carpets last longer, will discernibly light up a room, and are healthier for your family. Essentially every floor covering has a considerable rundown of dirt and soils you wouldn’t consider walking on barefoot or let youngsters play on, for example, pet defecation, pee, soil, road grime, creepy crawly eggs, residue and dander. Yuck!

What’s more, we handle antique carpets delicately. We adopt an alternate strategy to cleaning than most floor covering companies; a methodology that can get as much as 15 pounds of dirt out of bigger mats!

Subsequent to cleaning, your carpet experiences an exhaustive examination to beyond any doubt that it is superbly spotless and fit as a fiddle before it comes back to you 3 – 5 days after we pick it up.

We take pride in each and every rug that we handle. All of our rugs are inspected thoroughly before delivering them back to you 3 – 5 days after pick up. When we restore your area rug, well put it where it was or some place new that you’d like. Furniture in the way? Don’t worry, we’ll deal with it!

Request Pick-Up

We schedule all of our pickups and drop offs by appointment. Call us to schedule a pick up

1. We arrive on time
2. We move the furniture on top of the rug
3. We roll up the rug and move furniture back
4. The rug is safely transported to our shop in our van
5. We wash and/or repair your rug
6. We call you when finished to setup an appointment for delivery
7. We arrive on time for drop off
8. We move the furniture and unroll rug
9. We move the furniture back onto the rug